Scarf Display Ladder

Scarf Display Ladder - The Park is an area or plot of land planted with various herbs and given some additional components that are beneficial to humans. Components in the Park consist of components of biotic and abiotic component of mutually supporting each other. Biotic components of the grounds, among others: humans, animals, and plants. While the component of the abiotic component grounds, among other things: land, water, air, and light from the Sun.

Scarf Display Ladder

Scarf Display Ladder - On most grounds there are some additional components such as fountains, walkways, a pond, a gazebo, a swing and a variety of other decorations that can add to the aesthetic value of the Park. In General, children are made to compose, arrange, and planting a variety of plants, such as trees, grass, and flowers as one of efforts of greening. The general objective of establishing the Park was to make an area becomes beautifuler, cool, comfortable, and are arranged in neat.

The park must remain guarded and preserved by all people, because children have a different functionality and benefits to the community, and the environment. Therefore, it is necessary a variety of things that can be done in the preserve grounds, for example clearing the garden of various rubbish, dried leaves and various impurities that give negative effects and can interfere with the beauty of the garden. Trim the plant periodically and cut the weeds. Went watering on a regular basis to all the plants contained in a garden. Provide fertilizer, to make the soil fertile being. Eradicate various pests that can disrupt the plants in the garden. Conduct regular inspections of facilities in the Park.

Scarf Display Ladder is covered by a variety of plants ranging from grass, flowers and trees there in the Park. These plants add to the beauty of the garden. In addition, there are ornaments ornament statue of a jukebox in the garden so that adds to the wonderful atmosphere of the garden. The Park can be used as an object for the photo session. The Park add power support to the environment because there is a wide variety of plants then can increase the amount of oxygen in addition also embellish the ambiance, and reduce pollution. An increase in the power of open green farm support is very important, because the existence of open land is green then environmental quality will be better than ever before.